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ITTP recommends you take into account all of the following points when making your final decision about which school to take your Online international TEFL/TESOL certification course with.

Internationally recognized?

ITTP enjoys Education Partner status with Cambridge University Press AND is Member of the British Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic. We are also additional Education Partners with the Elementary School Nam Curie Praha, faculty school of Prague's Charles University. Our Trainees are observed by leading English teachers in the field, such as Ms Mgr Vuckova who was awarded the title 'English teacher of the year 2006' (awarded by the European Commission EU, NA Socrates.

The ITTP Onsite International TEFL/TESOL Certification Course covers more than 130 hours and provides over 14 hours of teaching practicum components.

The ITTP Online International TEFL/TESOL Certification Course covers 100 teaching hours and fully complies with International Online TEFL/TESOL training requirements.

All 3 ITTP Online certification courses (and the ITTP Onsite certification courses) lead to the awarding of the internationally recognized TEFL/TESOL certificate and you will be employable worldwide following your course.

Job assistance program and job guarantee?

It's no good being linked to a larger teaching organization but lack having job assistance for grads. A job assistance program is essential and it is important to question a school if they can guarantee you a job after. If not, then they might not be internationally recognized.

ITTP provides an extensive job assistance program and to date ITTP has a 100% record of finding its grads, who wish to teach immediately and who are sufficiently active in their search, teaching positions within 4 weeks of finishing their course. This represents ITTP’s global reputation and extensive network of global educational contacts/partners: ITTP sends its grads all over the world.
This applies to both ITTP’s Native English and Non-Native English Online and Onsite TEFL/TESOL grads who take either the Fast Track Online , Integrative Online , All Inclusive Online , (or Onsite course options).

Selection task?

A selection task shows that a school maintains high standards of entrance criteria and provides you with the confidence that upon acceptance that you will be at the level needed to successfully complete the course.
The process of booking your place on all 3 ITTP Online international TEFL/TESOL courses begins with completing the ITTP online application form.
We will then arrange a mutually convenient time for a telephone interview (at our expense).
Please note: applicants of the Fast Track Online are exempt from the full selection task and need only complete the application form and then submit payment to automatically begin their studies.
Primarily, the reason ITTP has a selection task is to have a better idea of an applicants' language awareness and language skills. We are looking for the ways in which applicants use the language and in the forms in which they express and describe their ideas. There is also attention to basic sentence structure and correct grammar usage.

It is also an important opportunity for you to personally talk to a member of the ITTP team and ask any further questions which you might have for us.

An additional reason for a selection task is to avoid offering a place to (and accept payment from), someone who we feel does not have a good chance of passing their chosen Online international TEFL/TESOL certification course.

Exposure to real teaching experience?

Exposure to real teaching is essential when deciding which Online TEFL/TESOL course to choose. ITTP suggests you be very wary of any school which promises applicants a teaching position after taking their course if the course itself only deals with the theory of teaching.
Employers insist on applicant teachers having had some past teaching experience (either through paid work experience or in-training teaching experience), as well as being learnt in teaching methodology and theory.

ITTP is unique in that it provides 3 Internationally recognized Online TEFL/TESOL certification courses which all approach online study through teaching practice experience.

The Fast Track Online is recommended for applicants who are already teaching English, but who haven’t received an official teaching qualification yet.
This course is also aimed at applicants who are already in the teaching profession who wish to brush up on/increase their TEFL/TESOL knowledge, and for TEFL/TESOL newbies who can choose to take the course as a foundation course in preparation for their Onsite international TEFL/TESOL.

The Integrative Online is recommended for applicants who already have some prior teaching experience and/or experience of learning a foreign language.
This course incorporates 10 hours of teaching practice experience through Audio Visual Instruction and is essentially the same as taking a streamlined Onsite international TEFL/TESOL certification course.

The All Inclusive Online is recommended for applicants with some/no previous teaching experience and some/no experience of learning a foreign language.
This course provides trainees with 10-15 hours of hands-on teaching practice experience and is essentially the same as taking a full-time Onsite international TEFL/TESOL certification course.

Additional costs?

It is important to ascertain if you will need to pay anything additional once committing to a school. Some schools do have hidden fees or may try and encourage you to order additional TEFL/TESOL Modules, such as teaching Business English and teaching Young Learners.
With ITTP there are no additional/hidden costs.
Course fees are inclusive of VAT and are inclusive of all materials and external moderation/certification fees.
Incidentally, another reason why you should choose us: all 3 ITTP Online international TEFL/TESOL certification courses include the modules - Teaching Business English, and Teaching Young/Younger Learners.

Some further reasons to choose ITTP:

ITTP provides a prompt, professional and personal service and promises to respond to emails within 1 business day. ITTP’s team leaders have extensive professional experience of teaching English abroad in various corners of the world and are understanding of the requirements and expectations of trainees and grads.
For further information please refer to About Us.

It is important that your TEFL/TESOL school also be a language school as this means that your school will have a lot more experience in dealing with teachers and so will be more sympathetic and knowledgeable of your needs as a teacher in training. It will mean, if you choose to take your teaching practice portion of the course onsite in Prague, that you will also gain additional exposure and assistance from real teachers who are currently teaching and who can provide you with valuable inside teaching tips/ advice. At ITTP we have had to date over 10 years of language teaching experience together with our educational partner Global Teachers and ITTP runs English language classes through Global Teachers. The additional bonus of this cooperation is that teachers have an additional teaching option at the end of their studies.

All ITTP Online TEFL/TESOL tutors have been carefully handpicked. They have a huge amount of international TEFL/TESOL experience and are understanding of the needs and requirements of trainees whilst in training and of our grads when they enter the global teaching job market. In addition, we are all aware of the pros and cons of relocating and sympathetic and supportive of our trainees and grads throughout their TEFL/TESOL career. For further information please refer to Tutor Team.

Many people want to take the international TEFL/TESOL qualification onsite but simply don't have the time or immediate resources to travel a handful of time zones and spend a month without salary, studying on a full-time Onsite TEFL/TESOL course. ITTP provides an affordable and credible alternative to Onsite TEFL/TESOL study and our additional experience of over 10 years to date as international Onsite and Online TEFL/TESOL certification course providers is a further indication of ITTP’s position as an internationally established leader within this field.

ITTP’s after-sales service is excellent. From the time of your first enquiry - through to graduation - and then throughout your teaching career, the ITTP team are here providing you with ongoing professional support for the whole of your international TEFL/TESOL career. ITTP is regularly updating its global job contacts and local knowledge of global TEFL/TESOL destinations and this provides its grads with an excellent basis for advice from anything from which country to teach next, to where the best schools are in a particular city or town.

When we were upgrading our website to include the flash option, we chose to focus the flash on the most important aspect of our service: You. You are the reason why we (ITTP) exist and it brings everyone at ITTP tremendous job satisfaction when we receive postcards and emails from ITTP past grads, writing to thank the ITTP team for the wonderful opportunity of being able to travel and teach worldwide and also telling us of the joy which they (ITTP grads) have brought to others around the world through their teaching.

For further information please refer to Testimonials.

  We look forward to being part of your teaching English experience!

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